What We Do

Our Domains

Road Construction

At AVP INFRACON LIMITED, we lead the way in road construction. We specialize in designing and building roads that connect communities, support commerce, and ensure safety.


We are committed to constructing efficient and durable highways that enhance regional and national connectivity and meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.


Our expertise extends to various bridge types, from iconic landmarks to essential transportation links, designed for strength, aesthetics, and longevity.


Elevate your urban landscape with our precision-crafted flyovers, designed to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance transportation efficiency.

Our Clients

Greater Chennai Corporation
National Highway Authority of India
Tamil Nadu Public Works Department
Tamil Nadu Highways Department
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

Pre-Construction Services

Schematic Design Excellence

We lay the groundwork for success with meticulously crafted schematic designs, setting the stage for flawless execution.

Approvals and Clearances

Navigate the complex landscape of approvals and clearances with ease, our expert team will take care of it.

Procurement Efficiency

Avoid costly delays with our efficient procurement management, ensuring the right materials and resources are available when you need them.

Accurate Budgeting

We provide initial budget estimates by meticulously scoping the work, giving you confidence in your project’s financial planning.

Client-Centric Systems

Our commitment to your vision means we build systems and equipment that align perfectly with your expectations.

Post-Construction Services

Impeccable Handovers

We present your site in its most presentable form, ready for you to step into a completed masterpiece.

Functional Modifications

Enhance the functionality of your project with our expert modification services, tailored to your evolving needs.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide our customers with detailed as-built documentation, ensuring transparency and future reference.

Maintenance Guidance

Count on us for expert guidance on maintenance and upkeep, prolonging the life and value of your investment.

Final Inspection Excellence

Our thorough final inspections guarantee that every detail meets our exacting standards, ensuring your satisfaction.