Mr. Venkateshwarlu Bollam
Chief Financial Officer

Venkat, A tech-savvy leader has led to the growth of the company by executing every project of the company to perfection whilst making profits all along.

Did his schooling in Telangana and moved to Trichy for his college education where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Bharathidasan University. Though he always had entrepreneurial goals he worked for a few companies and the cooperative bank in Telangana as a Network Engineer and a qualified CCNA professional he is.

Venkat excels in crafting financial strategies, maximizing profitability, and leading high-performing teams. His expertise in financial modeling, risk management, and strategic vision makes him a valuable asset for driving sustainable growth and navigating complex financial landscapes.

Venkat fondly known as BVK by associates always has an eye for the latest technology and is highly efficient in macro management. Known for his persistence his never-ending business conversations with his partners are the building blocks of the company. His stubborn nature was the key to the company’s execution of every project on time. He was known to the entire vertical of every department he worked with ensuring smooth work progress.

Priyanka Singh
Company Secretary

A highly motivated and empathetic leader with a passion for excellence. She brings a unique combination of academic rigor and practical experience, having earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Accounts and Law from Calcutta University and Utkal University, respectively. Further solidifying her expertise, she completed her Company Secretary (C.S.) qualification in 2016.

Priyanka’s career journey spans diverse industries. Initially, she spent four years at a DISCOM company, navigating the transition from Service Tax to GST within the Accounts and Taxation department. Seeking a broader perspective, she transitioned to the service sector, then to a Japanese manufacturing MNC, where she honed her skills in end-to-end finance and accounting processes. Apart from her skills in accounting, She also has excelled in compliance rules.

Beyond her technical expertise, Priyanka’s true strength lies in her collaborative spirit and passion for driving positive change. Her dedication to building efficient SOPs and fostering healthy work environments has benefited every company she’s worked with.

This passion extends beyond the workplace, as Priyanka actively promotes a healthy lifestyle. Her commitment inspires people of all ages to stay fit, and she has even helped organizations establish health clubs to facilitate discussions and encourage healthy habits.