Board of Directors

Mr. Prasanna Dhandayuthapani
Chairman and Managing Director (CEO)

Prasanna, A visionary leader with high goals is the pillar behind the growth of the company in leaps and bounds.

Has obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Bharathidasan University in the year 2001. Having tried a few stints earlier in his career working for a few companies, he honed his skills whilst always dreaming of having his own organization.

In 2004 along with his partner Venkat, he started a Paper cup Manufacturing unit under the name Venus Enterprises in Trichy which eventually was Named AVP Papers and went on to manufacture paper cup machinery using cutting-edge technology.

Sensing the need for diversification from a saturating market he rightly chose the construction industry. His highly appreciable PR skills helped the company bag a handful of contracts as early as 2008. Being innovative and using the latest technology and hard work he helped the company later venture into State and National Highways along with other government departments and a chain of commercial Ready Mix Concrete units across the country.

Been the president of the Lions Club for 2 tenures and been a member of the Lions Club for more than 2 decades where he has always been committed to social responsibility, and was awarded an Honorary doctorate for his philanthropic works by World Tamil University.

Prasanna’s never-say-die attitude and hard work have led to the growth of the company to its current level, as a publicly listed company. Never fails to surprise because for him the sky is not the limit.

Mr. Venkateshwarlu Bollam
Joint Managing Director (CFO)

Venkat, A tech-savvy leader has led to the growth of the company by executing every project of the company to perfection whilst making profits all along.

Did his schooling in Telangana and moved to Trichy for his college education where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Bharathidasan University. Though he always had entrepreneurial goals he worked for a few companies and the cooperative bank in Telangana as a Network Engineer and a qualified CCNA  professional he is.

Later moved to Trichy and partnered with his college days friend Prasanna in 2004 and started his Paper Cup Manufacturing unit under the name Venus Enterprises in Trichy which eventually was Named AVP Papers and went on to manufacture paper cup machinery using cutting-edge technology.

Venkat fondly known as BVK by associates always has an eye for the latest technology and is highly efficient in macro management. Known for his persistence his never-ending business conversations with his partners are the building blocks of the company. His stubborn nature was the key to the company’s execution of every project on time. He was known to the entire vertical of every department he worked with ensuring smooth work progress.

Mr. Vasanth Dhandayuthapani
Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Vasanth, who proudly wants to be known as a “salesman” is hugely responsible for taking the brand name to the public, has been clinical in the commercial dealings of the company while becoming a market leader in each of the company’s commercial ventures.

Has obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Bharathidasan University and went on to hone his skills by doing a Master’s in Business Administration, IIPM where he learnt the nuances of branding, marketing and eventually selling.

Placed from the campus he worked with, Bangalore in add space and database selling in which he excelled and made breakthrough and attached renowned clients like Infosys and Tata for the first time to his employers which worthed a fortune. Having trained the best of best recruiters he always wanted to have his own recruitment firm which eventually happened in 2009.

Later had a brief stint with Real estate and Residential construction, however with the exponential growth of AVP Infracon as a company the commercial RMC wing needed some special attention which he headed. What started as a single plant a few years back multiplied under his able leadership.

Mrs. D. Bhagyavathy
Non Independent & Non Executive Director

With three children underfoot, she transformed their home into a haven of beauty and comfort, her tireless efforts weaving warmth and joy into every corner.

While not directly involved in the day-to-day operations, she served as a moral compass for the company, mentoring key figures in ethical practices and values.

Her keen eye for efficiency led to streamlined operations, her unwavering discipline fostering a culture of productivity and success. Her dedication, both at home and in the company, left an indelible mark, a testament to the power of a mother’s love and leadership.

Mr. Rajan
Independent Director

Rajan is a seasoned HR and operations professional with over 20 years of experience in the AVGC-XR industry. He is currently the Vice President – HR & Operations at Phantom FX, a global creative studio that produces stunning visual content for films, TV, and digital platforms.

Rajan’s core competencies include developing and executing human resources strategies that align with the overall business vision and goals, managing talent acquisition and retention, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and optimizing the performance and efficiency of the operations.

In his previous roles, he has held positions as Head Of Human Resources, Senior Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Manager, Branch Manager, Team Leader – Retail Banking, and Manager – Dealer Relationship.

Rajan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Madras and a high school diploma in Commerce with Computer Science from St. Matthias Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. He is also a Certified Independent Director issued by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and a member of the Governing Council of the Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC).

Rajan is passionate about leveraging his expertise and network to enable Phantom FX and the industry to achieve new heights of success and quality.

Mrs. Priya Rao
Independent Director

Priya Rao is an experienced professional with a 17-year career in governance, finance, and marketing. She has a Graduate Diploma in General Management from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies University, Bengaluru. She has demonstrated exemplary leadership, strategic acumen, and a commitment to excellence.

In governance, she has overseen critical operational aspects, including ISO, NAAC, NBA, IQAC, and AICTE compliance. She has also executed Quality Improvement and Process Enhancement projects, identified skill gaps, and recommended customized training programs.

In finance, she has excelled as a Corporate Secretary at Sagar Hospitals, where she supervised insurance operations, managed statistical and performance analysis, and handled escalated grievances.

In marketing, she has left an indelible mark as a Marketing Manager at Matrebyte, driving awareness of IPV6 technology and establishing Centers of Excellence for students. She has also maximized partner networks and ensured effective communication as a Partner Business Service leader at Oracle.

Priya Rao is a proven professional with unwavering dedication, adept problem-solving skills, and visionary leadership. She is a formidable presence in the corporate landscape.

Mr. Chellasamy Rajendhiran
Independent Director

Rajendran is a highly experienced civil engineer with over 35 years of expertise. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from Director of Technical Education, Guindy, Tamil Nadu. His career began in September 1985 when he joined the All India Engineering Service (Civil), Central Public Works Department (CPWD) as a Junior Engineer. He retired as Assistant Engineer (Sub Divisional Officer) in September 2023.

Throughout his career, Rajendran has demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge in various areas of civil engineering, including structural design, project management, construction, maintenance, e-governance, administration, contract management, and financial management. He played a crucial role in the development of CPWD e-sewa, a system currently used by CPWD in Chennai, Pondicherry, and Andaman.

Rajendran’s expertise extends beyond CPWD. He has served in the Valuation Cell of the Income Tax Department for Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Kerala, and he has worked as Engineering Head for the Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organisation on a major project. He has also participated in various professional training programs related to engineering and management.

His areas of particular interest include project management, contract management, earthquake engineering, disaster mitigation, dispute management, arbitration, and sustainable development. Rajendran has held leadership positions in various organizations, including the CPWD Junior Engineers Association, Southern Region, Chennai; the CPWD Engineers Association, Southern Region, Chennai; and the Co-ordination of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organisation. He has also been recognized for his outstanding service with the Director General Medal of CPWD under the award for excellence.

Rajendran’s commitment to excellence is further evidenced by his successful completion of the online proficiency self-assessment test for Independent Directors and his registration with the Independent Directors Databank maintained by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.